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Business Needs Out-of-Control Inventory Costs

What Does Your Inventory Really Cost?
If you don't have tight control of inventory, your company can bleed profits quickly. Overstock your inventory and you're overpaying for holding costs and risking items becoming obsolete. Hold too little inventory and you could lose important customers to competitors when your items become backordered.

Reduce inventory stocking levels without going out of stock
Want a fast way to improve cash-flow? Reduce your inventory stocking levels to free cash that is otherwise consumed by financing, storage space, utilities, insurance, and other holding costs. These costs can add up to 15-35% of the acquisition value of the inventory (Inventory Management Review, Sept. 2005). The longer excess inventory sits in your warehouse, the greater the holding costs. And you're at increased risk for functional obsolescence, as well as theft, damage or loss.

Understand and manage the cost of inventory and bills of materials
Planet Earth Projects can help you take control of inventory stocking levels. Our inventory control and warehouse management solutions enable you to understand your inventory costs and fine-tune stock levels for maximum cash-flow and profitability. Access real-time inventory levels and automate your warehouse operations to minimize inventory loss and optimize order fulfillment. Detailed reporting can give you new insight into inventory turnover, return on investment for inventory, customer service levels and more.

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