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Core Support Agreement - Definitions and Clarifications

Core Support
A key strategy of Planet Earth Projects is to make every client relationship revolve around a commitment to mutual success. One of the fundamental ways we implement this strategy is to engage in longer-term relationships with our clients, and to provide them with access to professionals who are knowledgeable about both the technology being used, and about their business needs.

"Core Support" is the most basic version of such a relationship: As a client, you can feel free to pick up the phone when you encounter unusual behavior or messages from your software, or if you are facing a task that you do not commonly perform, and would like assistance in recalling the process. This kind of access is part of Core Support. In many cases, a quick question by phone or email can save hours of work after-the-fact.

This is a copy of the Core Support Agreement document, the most current version of which is available on our web site: http://www.p-e-p.com/

Length of Agreement
Generally, Core Support is included as part of a larger business relationship or arrangement. Accordingly, the exact term of the agreement may vary. If this document is attached to a Scope or Proposal document, then the term of the agreement will be outlined there. Generally, relationships including Core Support are at least 12-18 months.

What Is Included
Core Support from Planet Earth Projects includes unlimited phone, email, and remote session support for your software, subject to the exclusions below. We provide support for almost all versions, with the understanding that fixes and updates for older versions may not be available, that older software may not run reliably on modern hardware or operating systems, and that we will make reasonable efforts to provide support.

Core Support includes access to Planet Earth professionals by phone or e-mail during standard business hours (typically 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern time excluding holidays), with a response to your inquiry in no more than 4 (four) business hours. It does not include after-hours, weekend, or holiday support: If this is important to you, please inquire as we can develop a plan that can meet your needs.

All support is based on a reasonable effort, and a Core Support Agreement guarantees a response within the time-frame outlined. In some cases, additional information or a remote connection may be necessary, as may be research on the specific issue. The costs of these are included in your Agreement, but the issue may not be resolved in its entirety within the response time period, and is not guaranteed to be.

Remote assistance via the Internet is included as part of Core Support when necessary, but is available only if you have a fast Internet connection, and no unusual security software or hardware that interferes with our ability to connect.

What Is Not Included
The basic maintenance plan for your software, usually provided as an annual option from the software publisher, is NOT included as part of Core Support. We can arrange to include these costs in a custom agreement if such an approach would best meet your needs.

If we discover that your issue is related to a "bug" or defect in the software, Core Support will assist in accurately reporting it to the manufacturer, but does NOT include any work-arounds, installation of updates, or other extraordinary efforts: The software publishers are responsible for meeting any warranty obligations they may have extended, and Planet Earth acts as your agent in helping to report defects, but does not act as the publisher's agent in any way regarding the repair or resolution of such defects. If your needs include a work-around for such defects, please contact us and we can arrange such efforts on a fee basis.

Core Support does not include any on-site consulting services. If you have needs for on-site services, please contact us.

Core Support does not include support of third-party providers working on your behalf, such as IT Consultants, Business Advisors, Accountants, and so forth. Specifically not part of a standard Core Support Agreement are server moves, operating system upgrades, software upgrades, loading or reloading of software, creating reports, manipulating or cleaning data, documenting any of the above processes or creating "How-To" documents, being "on-call" for third-party providers, etc.

Under no circumstances does Planet Earth Projects provide tax, payroll, accounting, audit, or compliance advice. If you need advice in these areas, please consult with a qualified advisor. No statements made by any employee of Planet Earth Projects should be interpreted as such advice.

Backup of data is not included in Core Support. It is essential that your data be backed up regularly. Efforts to recover from a lack of a backup are not included as part of Core Support.

Under no circumstances will Planet Earth Projects or its staff engage in or assist anyone to engage in a theft or unlicensed use of intellectual property. Please do not ask us to help you utilize software except in the manner for which you have properly licensed it.

Limitation of Liability
Planet Earth Projects' sole liability with respect to a Core Support Agreement and the services provided in conjunction with it shall be limited to a pro-rata portion of any unused portion of the Agreement. In entering into a Core Support Agreement, you agree that Planet Earth Projects will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages in excess of the amount actually paid toward the current term's agreement. If the applicable laws of your state do not allow for such limitations, then these may not apply to you.

Last Updated: January 18, 2012

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