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Industries Distribution

To maintain margins and turn good profit in wholesale distribution, you must run a very tight ship. If order processing is inefficient and slow, it costs you money. If inventory is overstocked, it ties up much needed capital. If stock runs out, your customers become angry and more likely to try the competition. If employees make picking or shipping mistakes, returns eat away your profits.

With paper files and spreadsheets, it's nearly impossible to gain the operational efficiency required for business growth. To beat your competition, you need automated business management systems to ensure orders flow smoothly through your organization - from order entry in sales to leaving the shipping bay.

Inventory Control systems can help you maximize cash-flow by keeping the proper amount of inventory in stock. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) automate the order fulfillment process, reducing errors and improving productivity in the warehouse. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help you achieve cohesion between sales, marketing, and customer service so that your customers keep coming back to you.

Planet Earth Projects, Inc. has worked with many distributors to help them gain insight into vital operations and maximize profits and efficiency. We offer solutions that can help you:

  • Optimize inventory stocking levels
  • Process orders accurately
  • Enable customers to order on the Web
  • Exchange order information electronically (EDI)
  • Automate pick & pack in the warehouse
  • Avoid mis-shipments and returns
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • And much more!

To discuss your distribution software needs, please call us at 203-746-4019, or click here.

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