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Business Needs A Maze of Spreadsheets

"There's got to be a better way..."
How many times have you uttered this phrase while struggling with manual data entry and cumbersome spreadsheets? Planet Earth Projects helps businesses move beyond spreadsheets, to an integrated operational environment. When you automate key processes, you can achieve greater efficiency across your entire organization. And that can help increase profitability.

Why you need to eliminate spreadsheets:

Manual data entry
If you use spreadsheets to perform key business processes, such as order fulfillment, financial management, or inventory reports, your staff may be wasting a lot time. That's because multiple spreadsheets do not facilitate a flow of information across departments. Two, three, or more people in your organization must manually re-enter the same piece of data into their respective spreadsheets. Not only does this steal time from important tasks, it's likely that some data will be omitted from one or more spreadsheets.

Poor data accuracy
When you track your business with spreadsheets, your data is prone to errors. A single typo in an equation can skew critical metrics. There are few, if any, checks and balances in your spreadsheet, so it is very difficult to spot clerical errors.

Inadequate data security
Your spreadsheet data is vulnerable. Most offer only a simple password lock. If you accidentally damage or delete the spreadsheet, do you have an automatic, reliable back-up?

Save time and improve efficiency with automated solutions!
Automated business management solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), manufacturing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enable you to share data effectively across your company. These systems greatly reduce the manual data entry required to run your business, increasing staff productivity and reducing errors. From detailed financials to individual customer orders, the information you need is instantly available - right at your fingertips. Plus, these systems offer powerful, user-level security so that you can determine who needs access to sensitive data.

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